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         Software     Document
General function
General setup
Video recorder introduction
How to find the Cloud ID of the device
Restore to the factory setting
Remote control manual
Show or hide time characters on recorder
Electronic zoom
Full screen automatic switching
channel video
Full screen automatic switching
channel video
Icon definition in video recorder
Camera introduction
Modify resolution
Time setting
Set screen to turn off automatically
Show or hide Cloud ID characters on  
Turn on/off Remote control/key tone and Press the keyboard tone
Adjust the location of channel on the monitor
APP Camview cloud operation
APP - Registration account
APP - Video Preview
APP - How to modify account information
APP - Show password error
APP - Add device
APP - Video Playback
APP - Icon definition
Network and device addition
Networked operation
Camera wired access
Add a new camera to the system
Repeater settting
Audio and video
Audio setting
Turn on real time audio
External pickup
User Management
Username and password setting
Wrong password in app
Forgot your password
Record & playback
Install and format a hard disk
Video playback
Record Setting
Video backup
Motion detection & E-mail setting
E-mail setting( gmail)
Motion detection -- APP Alarm
Other operations
Wireless security system - Add other brand devices (onvif)
How to use the remote control correctly in the case of two video recorders
Not working, when outside
Wifi NVR Kit Multi-connection method
How to Configure Active-X in Internet
Blue iris Access
Firmware upgrade package Download & tutorial
Upgrade tutorial
Tutorial for DVR upgrade
Method 1:  By U disk
Method 3: By upgrade tools
Method 2:  By browser(Web)

Q. What is best temperature for the cameras to operate at their optimum level? A. Select a location for the camera that has an ambient temperature ranging from -50 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Q. Where is the device cloud ID ? A. You can Find it the NVR’s Network setup, or right bottom corner on screenor , or search APP in the same LAN. Q. If the ONVIF protocol is supported by this device? A. Both camera and NVR are not supported. Q. If the RTSP protocol is supported by this device? A. Yes, it is. e.g: Main stream rtsp:// Sub stream rtsp:// Q. If this device supports email alarm? A. Yes, it is.  the system will automatically send a screenshot to your email. Q. What’s the default username and password? A. Username: admin no password, just leave it blank Q. What’s the max capacity of a hard disk can be supported? A. Max capacity is 6TB Q. How do restore my unit to the Factory Settings? A. Right click the mouse from the home screen of your monitor, navigate to System setup > System admin > Factory setting, click all, click ok. Next, right click the mouse from the home screen of your monitor and navigate to Video manage, click Refresh, click Auto add, after all IP addresses appear, click Ok. All videos will appear on your monitor screen. Q. How do I format my new hard drive and check my hard drive information? A. From the home screen of your monitor, right click the mouse, navigate to System setup > General setup > HDD Setup, select Format and click Format > click Ok. From this screen you can also check to see if your system has a pre-installed hard drive. Q. Has PTZ control? A. The system only has zoom function on Smartphone. It's digital zoom, not optical zoom. When one Channel picture is in full screen, you can use your 2 fingers to zoom in and out on your phone. Q. Does the Camera need to connect with Ethernet cable? A. No need, each camera only needs to connect with power supply. All cameras are paired to NVR box before shipping. Q. Does CamView Wireless security system needs Internet? A. It's up to you. CamView system has its own 2.4GHz wireless signal. The camera and NVR are paired before shipping. It can be working without Internet. No Internet(Not connect NVR box to router): You can view the live video, record and playback in local place. With Internet(Connect NVR box to router): You can view the live video, record, playback and view remotely by your smartphone, laptop and computer. Q. Can I connect the system with home wifi to strengthen the signal? A. No, you can’t. CamView system is working by its own 2.4GHZ wireless signal. Q. What is the working distance between NVR and camera? A. Theoretically, in open space, around 1000 feet. With obstacles, around 250 feet. It depends on your using environment actually. As you know, walls, obstacles, electrical products will affect the wireless signal. Check if NVR is disturbed by radio interference:The cameras can't be installed too far from the NVR in a house built with concrete blocks. NVR and antennas should not be close to a wireless phone, WIFI AP, electric motor, engine or electric transformer. These create a lot of wireless interfer- ence and cause signal levels from the camera to vary a lot. Q. When HDD is full, do I need to delete recordings? A. No need, if HDD is full, the new recordings will automatically overwrite the prior recording. Q. Which hard drive does Camview Wireless security systems use? A. Specification of hard drive: 3.5"/2.5” HDD, internal, SATA interface,  Support to Max. 6TB.
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