When the system can not be online automatically after the system powered off suddenly.


a. Right click the mouse, navigate to System Setup > Network Setup > select DHCP and click Enable as shown in the figure below. Click OK. Wait 1 minute to change.

b. If step a is not working , probably your router disabled DHCP or block new devices from connecting.

What DHCP does is: when router find new device connected, DHCP allocate new IP to the device and connect it to the Internet.

An easiest way to know if your router enables DHCP:

When you connect a new device to your WiFi for Internet service (or a visitor/ friend wanted WiFi connection), does it require WiFi password only? If only password required, then your router has DHCP enabled; if that requires not only password but also some settings, then your router is secured from connecting new devices. Ask people who secured the WiFi (who set password) to enable the NVR to connect.

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