I can not get e-mail alarm when motion is detected.


Step 1. Follow User Manual "Motion detection -- Email Alarm" to set e-mail notifications for motion detection


Step 2.  Note: If step a not working for your account, Open your mail Settings for POP and IMAP Access. Take hotmail for example, log into the web version of your email account, In the upper right-hand corner, click on the Settings button, search for  “POP and IMAP” Select yes and Don’t allow devices and apps to delete messages from outlook and Save.


Step 3. If step b is not working, check if “.” is input correctly.

Step 4.  Makesure the smtp server and part information arecorrect.

Hotmail/MSN Email Alert Settings

  SMTP  Server: smtp-mail.outlook.com

Encryption Type: SSL

Port: 587

  Gmail  Email Alert Settings

  SMTP  Server:smtp.gmail.com

Encryption Type: SSL

Port:   465

  Yahoo Email Alert Settings

 SMTP   Server:smtp.mail.yahoo.com

Encryption  Type: SSL

Port: 587 or  465

 AOL Email Alert Settings

 SMTP Server : smtp.aol.com

Encryption  Type: SSL

Port : 587

 AT&T Email Alert Settings

 SMTP Server:smtp.att.yahoo.com

Encryption  Type: SSL

Port: 465

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