The wireless signal is too weak, causing the picture to freeze or no picture.


Method  1.  Reasonable choice of installation location If there are obstacles between NVR and camera, adjust the height of camera or don’t install camera and NVR in different floors. Floors normally block more wireless signal than walls. The cameras can't be installed too far from the NVR in a house built with concrete blocks. NVR and antennas should not be close to a wireless phone, WIFI AP, electric motor, engine or electric transformer. These create a lot of wireless inter- ference and cause signal levels from the camera to vary a lot. Always find possible open place between NVR and camera. Mount camera and place NVR accordingly to allow signal to pass

Method 2.  Adjust the directionof the antennas as shown in the figure  below

Method 3.  Use the camera's own repeater function to strengthen the wirelesssignal.

Right click on the screen in the NVR, choose Video Manage, select "Repeater" from the bottom right hand side. You can set repeater as you need. The cameras are able to function as repeaters as well, up to 3 units out. So you can have the nearest one camera (camera A) communicating directly with the NVR, a further out (camera B) Connecting to Camera A, and a further out yet (camera C) that connects to Camera B.

Method 4.  Use extendable wireless antenna.

Use extendable wireless antenna to bring the wireless signal of camera to NVR box through the wall. (Especially,Metal walls (including metal garage gate) absorb wireless signal, also works for heavy concrete wall.)          Note: You can buy on Amazon  Or contact us directly.

Method 4.  Connect thecamera to your router with a RJ45 network cable

If one or few camerasare out of wireless signal range,you can connect the camera to your router with a RJ45 network cable.

Method 5. Use the powerline ethernet adapter Kit to transfer camera network data.

Powerline networking (aka HomePlug), which uses your home's electrical wiring as a wired data network        Note: You can buy on Amazon

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